Early explorers were introduced to the many natural wonders of the Great Lakes, and the incredible taste of whitefish.

The Native Americans of the area prized whitefish for its distinctive flavor. 

Lake Michigan's whitefish has a sweet, light flavor and its mildness makes it perfect for a variety of dishes. Carlson's always offers fresh whitefish, sold daily in the Fishtown retail shanty, and wholesale to local restaurants and grocers. 

  • Carlson's is known for the original Smoked Whitefish Påté, made in Fishtown fresh everyday. A blend of cream cheese, spices and fish, this spread is a popular to serve as an appetizer with crackers. 
  • Smoked Whitefish Sausage, also an original, is made with a blend of Lake trout and whitefish,  local seasonings, lemon and red pepper. It's then smoked before making its way home with you. Can be enjoyed hot, or cold.
  • Smoked Whitefish, fresh catch offered daily
  • Smoked Lake Trout, fresh catch offered daily